Nov 17, 2014

According to iPhone | 11.17.14

Awwwww, the iPhone.  What would we do without that sweet sidekick?  Capturing and assisting us through life.  As I was cooking, baking, ironing, and cleaning before church yesterday – I asked Siri to set several different timers and schedule some appointments for me.  Which she did.  I just can't believe how awesome that little device is.

Anywho, on to what's up lately.  Per usual, Trader Joe's welcomes me with beautiful flowers and I love it every time. 
My pom tree has had tons of pomegranates this Fall and they're cute, but they're all getting ripped open by critters!  Therefore useless.

This was our last trip to the beach in a long while.  It's getting too cold and life is just getting too busy.  I'm going to really miss beaching when I am stuck on crutches.

Baby OLIVE!  We love her. 

We went on a double date with the Meilsoes to Meet The Mormons.  We just happened to go to the same showing as Mitt Romney and his entire family and we sat right in front of him –  Which of course was awesome.  The movie was so good, too.  There are so many misconceptions and straight up lies about our church and I'm glad to see people wanting to learn from us what we really believe. I cried throughout the whole movie.  It was beautiful.  
Oh hey – some pictures of gelato, because why not?  Beautiful yumminess! 

This kid and his snuggly sleeping shenans.  Don't grow up, Indy Bear.  Just don't. 

My pretty babies. 

You guys, I'm the worst scout mom ever.  It's embarrassing to admit, but I just don't' like scouts.  I don't even know what is going on half of the time but I am so proud that my kiddos are loving it and doing well.  I know.  I'm the worst. 

Chores.  Never too young. 
 My kids are becoming men and it's freaking me out.  Meanwhile my husband is still a kid. 
 You know how they say you get the most housework done right before someone comes to visit?  The same is true for hosting just about anything, which is why I love doing it.  I'm so selfish!  So, before Erin's shower I got some things done that I've been wanting to do.  I cleaned the tile grout, hung some pictures, painted some stuff.  

 Oh, and then I realized after the shower that I forgot to give Erin the gift I got her forever ago!  She got 2 awesome blankets at the shower (a snuggly blanket and a quilt) and now she has a little throw for his room.  I'm dying to see it all in there.
 This cat.  All on his own he decided to run for student council and wrote his own speech.  We had a family poster making night and then he delivered his speech last week (which I missed because of the darn refrigerator repairman) and he won!  He's Jones Elementary's newest Fire Marshal.  He informed me that he has, "meetings every Wednesday." Ha ha! 
 Dear Target – Just give us more reasons to be obsessed why don't you.  Sheesh. 
 And last – Oh how these Boyd boys are obsessed with their Pops.  Indy sits on the toilet and watches Sean shave – then cries all morning because he has to go to work.  "Don't wwwweave me Daddy!!" . . .The cutest. 
The End. 

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