Nov 22, 2014

Andrea + Kameron

Sean's sister, Andrea, and nephew, Kameron came to San Diego for a quick little visit this weekend.  Andrea traveled all the way from Victoria, Canada and Kameron just down from Orange County.  It was quick and dirty – but, we managed to pack in some adventurous stuff. 

We went to a 1st birthday for Stephanie's little Miss Cora down in Balboa Park.  It was the cutest carousel theme – complete with a ride for everyone on a 100 year old carousel.  It was nice that so many friends were there for our family to meet. 

 Twinners by accident. 

 Glitter smash eggs.  Ohhhhhh, yeah. 
I didn't even want to rub off my glitter.  I wanted it all to stay on forever and ever.  I like glitter – probably way more than a 32 year old should.

 The bestie squeeze. 

 The fam bam, minus Daysen, who was at a scout campout. Sadness. 

Abbey Road by the Boyds. 
 You guys.  I made him. 

 I found the perfect cuff from hippies selling their goods in the park.

After trouncing around Balboa Park we headed to Casa Guadalajara for nummins. 

 Then we ended our outing with a trip to the San Diego Temple.  Oh, how I love my family.  I really do wish I could turn them all into Polly Pockets and keep them with me always.  Wouldn't that be the best?  Love you Andrea and Kameron – hurry back soon! Mmmmkay?


  1. Yay! You have your Jamberry on! LOL!!!! Your family is so cute. Them boys look so fun. From a mother of boys, they are just the best. Mine are 21 & 27, I feel so old saying that out loud. It seems like just yesterday we were taking pictures in the park. :-)

    1. Yes! Thank you for those! I just tried them for the first time. Way easier than I thought :) Isn't being a boy mom the best!?!