Nov 24, 2014

Pat + Abby | Family Pics

Recently my super cool friends, Pat & Abby, asked me if I could help them get a few pictures for their Christmas card.  We decided to make an agreement that they would put up with my inexperience and lack of being a pro – if I would put up with little Grayson being a wild squirrel.  Deal!  Every time I take pictures I'm reminded how much I have to learn – but, I still really enjoy it.  I'm hoping to invest in some better equipment and photoshop soon – maybe then I'll feel a little more confident in my picture taking skills. 

All these pictures were centered around keeping Grayson to hold still.  I was dying because this tot is ALL boy.  He wanted no part in this picture taking funny business.  Grab a stick.  Run away.  Jump like a bunny.  Throw a pine cone.  Look left.  Look right.  Ha ha!  They're such a cute fam.  I just love them :)

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