Jan 4, 2015

New Year's Eve 2014

How, might you ask, do you have people over to celebrate New Year's Eve while completely immobile?  Well, you sit back and let everyone else do everything.  Kinda hard for someone like me, but it worked out pretty perfect.  We had a small get together with the Meilsoes, the Meilsoes (Kristian's parents), and the Smurthwaites.  Erin and Jordan made food & party hats – and, Sean cleaned up the house and put up some NYE decor. Turns out Sean is quite the skilled party man.  I knew I loved him for good reason. 

So snuggggly! I'm really loving the black and gold comeback. Classy, right?  I really wish I would've gotten better pictures, but it's hard when you can't walk.

Sean even made bacon wrapped smokies & pineapple.  Has he been holding out on me this whole time with his domestication skills?

 This is not exactly a great picture, but it's the only one of all of us.  Sean is looking mighty creepy with his stache and I'm trying not to fall over by holding on to Sean and my crutches.  Aren't our hats cute though?  Jordan made them all different – cuz, she's got skills like that :) We had the best time sitting around the table eating, laughing, and trying to stay awake for midnight.
Happy New Year, guys!  

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