Sep 11, 2013

According to iPhone {9.11.13}

~This Week~

Boyd Boys went back to school and I rejoiced in the delight of one child to feed and tote around all day. 
 That one child gets mad at me when I tell him snack snack is "all gone". He knows I lie. 
 Zane found a branch and burped the words, "I'm a moose." It was a proud mom moment.  I have mad burp skills too.  
 We celebrated friends and had a much deserved double date night. 
 I gave Indy a haircut. 
 We had a lovely Sunday dinner of freshly made pasta +walnut pesto+grilled flank steak & portabellos+arugula. I'm really loving my kitchen-aid pasta attachments. If you don't have them, I highly recommend them. 
 I planted lots of spring bulbs. Hurry up and grow my pretties!
 Erin made us this strawberry shortcake with a basil infused whip cream. It was perfection on a plate. I needed one last summer dessert. Pie and pumpkin season is basically here. Hooray for fall!
The End. 

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